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3 things every party should have

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It takes a lot of pre-planning and thought to host a party. Often it seems like that type of time does not exist. Last minute plans come up all the time and leaving us in frenzy to clean our bathroom, load the dishwasher and plug in a Scentsy. If you are hosting a last minute evening at home with friends here are 3 things that can make last minute feel planned!

First things first, Food and drinks! Parties are made for indulgence. Be sure that you plan for plenty of beverages to be consumed. Be sure to serve a variety of your guest favorite beverages. Alcoholic or non, everyone enjoys a great drink! When planning the menu be sure to consider your budget. Sometime less can be more. Pick a few great things and stick with that. Too much variety can often lead to waste and over spending.

Music! We work hard to play hard! Everyone always plays harder when they have good tunes. Be sure to plan ahead for music to be heard through all areas of the party. Make sure the music is not so loud that you can’t converse but not so quiet that it does not feel like a party. Pick a playlist that is neutral to the age group. If you decide to make a playlist be sure that it will last the whole evening. You will not want to bother with making a new one and may just end up having no music at all. Internet radio is also a great option. Pandora is very user friendly and provides a very extensive variety.

Whether the party is in your backyard or in the house lighting is key to setting the mood. After a long day a little “mood lighting” is just what you need. It will help everyone to relax and also give that little touch that makes last minute seem planned. Candles, strung lights, dimmers, lamps, tiki torches, fire pits, fireplace are all great options. I f you have it, use it! Your guest will appreciate the extra effort.

Try this drink recipe at your next party:

Watermelon Aqua Fresca

-6 cups seeded, cubed watermelon

-3 cups water

-1/2 cup sugar

 -1/2 cup fresh lime juice

- 10oz of vodka or rum- this is OPTIONAL

-Garnish: watermelon wedges


1. Using a food processor add: cubed watermelon, water, sugar, lime juice( if you will be adding alcohol add it now. Vodka and white rum are great!) and ice. Blend until desired consitancy. Pour into tall glass and garnish with cut watermelon.








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